OUR CONSULTANTS Make it easy and will travel to you. 

Our professional staff helps you to identify, know, and understand your intent. When and where you needs us we will be there.

  • Your 10 Dominant Self-Reflections
  • Your Top 5 Strengths
  • Fearlessness
  • Self-Awareness/ Self-Knowledge
  • Know What Your Thinking
  • Transforming Preceived Obstacles into Opportunities

"Wait A Green Minute coaching for a drama free lifestyle is a one stop coaching shop". We provide self-analysis, strength testing that include mindfulness strategies through conciliation. Wait a Green Minute Life Energy Management moves you above average in your abilities to relate and perform. 

wait a green minute® Coaching for a Drama Free Lifestyle through conciliation



Once you share what you need we focus on implementing our best practice well-being approach for conciliation to assist you in being the highest you. Equanimity, Wait a Green Minute coaching for a drama free lifestyle providing tools for life energy management.

 Wait A Green Minute Life Energy Management individualizes our approach to suit your needs for conciliation. We personalize our approach to suit you. Wait a Green Minute coaching for a drama free lifestyle

“Wait A Green Minute, delivers"


Our knowledgeable and skilled coaches work with individuals and teams to develop the best coaching strategies for you to reach  your goals for a drama-free lifestyle.

Some of our coaching services


Wait A Green Minute® well being coach, career coach, strategist, stress management coach

Wait a Green Minute® business strategist for your Well being coach for a drama free life is Your location for a Personal Coach,  Lifestyle coach, career coach, Business Coach, Business Adviser, relationship coach, business turn-around coach, stress management coach, conciliate, Arbitrator through a wait a green minute coaching tip 



Life Energy Management Coach


     Gloria W.

"Extremely remarkable and effective Executive Coaching. No matter the specific goals of the client and or organization, Staff work to develop, challenge, teach and elicit, the unlimited potential of each client. 
December 11, 2015